Advantage And Disadvantage Of Milk And Milk Products

Many people love to consume milk at the time of their breakfast. It gives them strength to do all such strenuous works at their workplace. Milk from the cow is the most popular in many countries. But you can also get the milk from goats and sheep. It is considered as the complete food. It provides many vital nutrients growth to the human body. Milk is a rich source of energy for the human body. There are many kinds of milk such as whole milk, buttermilk and skim milk etc. and you can also get cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream from milk. Milk products contain the high range of biological significance. The proteins in cow’s milk help you to improve your digestive system.

The advantage of milk and milk products:

  • Increase the status of your bone health- Milk is always good for your bone’s health. Because it provides enough calcium to your body. It reduces the chance of osteoporosis. Milk and milk products consider beneficial for the bones and teeth. Many nutritionists advice to consume milk to remove the bone mineral deficiency.
  • Can fight with depression- Milk and milk products provide vitamin D and the levels of vitamin D helps to balance your hormones which are associated with your moods, appetite and sleeping problems. It can remove the chances of vitamin D deficiency which control the fatigue and depression.
  • Cancer protection- Milk has contained enough vitamin D in it. It can help in cell growth and by this, it can reduce the chances of cancer.
  • Bacteria- Lactose in milk and milk products helps to kill the bacteria from the intestines and supports them to work in a proper way.
  • Protein support- Protein in the milk and milk products can help your kids to grow faster. It helps to develop the tissues in the human body.

Disadvantages of milk and milk products:

  • Hormones and its risk factor- Many dairy farmers are used to putting hormones in the diets of their milk-producing cows. Because of these hormones, a cow produces more milk. But these types of hormones increase the level of risk of developing prostate and breast cancer.
  • Allergies- Some people have milk allergies. If you have a milk allergy, then your immune system reacts due to this. It causes itches, swelling and trouble breathing. To avoid these kinds of problems, you have to remove milk and milk products from your list.
  • Melamine- Milk powder has melamine in it and it causes cancer.
  • Fat- Milk and milk products contain saturated fat and it increases the level of cholesterol in your body. Cholesterol is very bad for your heart health.

So the level of consuming milk is very important for your health. It is not at all suitable for all. It has so many merits and demerits. A dietician can properly guide you in this matter.

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